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Reload, it's that easy

We provide a complete automated mini-retail solution for your school or office by using next-gen tech. We own, administrate, repair and refill our Reload cabinets. We have partnered up with several companies in order to make our Reload cabinets the best automated retail solution ever! Our assortment is flexible and affordably priced, and our cabinets are easy to use. 

Here are some customers that love our product,

Active machines

Here is a list of our active machines and how to find them along with key brands they offer. 

Do you want a vending machine at your School/ Gym/ Co-Working space? Contact us!

Universities & Uas

Where: Down the stairs to the right when at the reception.

Assortment: The machine at Hanken has an assortment consisting largely of healthy energydrinks. Key brands are Celsius, Nocco, PRO!Brands and S.Pellegrino.

Fun fact: Hanken is the host of our only MAGEX machine, a high-tech “normal” vending machine from Italy!

Our customers are EVERYTHING.

Our goal is to listen to and understand each customer. We let everyone impact their own Reload Cabinet’s assortment to make sure that the Cabinet reflects their needs. 

Give us valuable feedback!

Have you had a good or bad experience with one of our cabinets? Tell us about it and we'll make sure your voice is heard! Keeping the feedback honest is crucial for the development of out product.

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Places that proudly use Reload include,


Filip Holm, Partnerships & Sales

email: filip@reloadvending.com

Lukas Seger, Assortment & Logistics

email: lukas@reloadvending.com

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